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Massive Chest

So today is Monday aka international chest day so i wanted to share a chest workout with you guys that will focus on building a well developed chest.


Start up with a warmup weight to get the blood flowing then move right into the working sets. You will do 1 warmup and 4 working sets. Im going to use my weights and reps as an example.

warmup: 15 reps of 60lbs
set #1: 12 reps of 80lbs
set #2: 10 reps of 85lbs
set #3: 8 reps of 90lbs
set #4: 6 reps of 95lbs

As you are doing each rep breathe out as you push up and squeeze the chest to feel a nice contraction of the muscle.


i know i know everyone loves to start off with flat and this is the reason most people don’t develop a solid upper chest because they love to train the lower chest. Also please do a full range of motion and touch the chest. Lift for gains not for ego and use a proper weight you can handle.

warmup: 15 reps of 135lbs
set #1: 12 reps of 185lbs
set #2: 10 reps of 225lbs
set #3: 8 reps of 245lbs
set #4: 6 reps of 265lbs

Again this is the weight i am currently using obviously some of you will do more and some will do less, its just to show you how to pyramid up.


This chest routine im doing two compound exercises for upper chest development. Remember to lower the bar all the way down touching your chest just below your chin.

warmup: 15 reps of 135lbs
set #1: 12 reps of 155lbs
set #2: 10 reps of 175lbs
set #3: 8 reps of 195lbs
set #4: 6 reps of 225lbs


The final exercise is going to be a superset of 2 exercises. Start of with the cable crossover and then go right into doing pushups. This will give you a nice finishing pump and have the chest feeling massive.

set #1: 15 reps of 25lbs and then do as many pushups as you can
set #2: 12 reps of 40lbs and again do as many pushups as you can
set #3: 10 reps of 50lbs and give it your all on pushups.

Remember you dont have to use the weights listed i just used mine to show you an example. Try this routine out for a few weeks and see how you like it.

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